2nd ACCELERATE Educational Webinar on drug development in paediatric oncology (29 June) – Audiovisual material now available


2nd Educational Webinar:

Everything you always wanted to know about Developing Drugs for Children with Cancer* (*But were afraid to ask)

29 June 2021 (5-6pm CET)


After the success of the 1st Educational Webinar on drug development in paediatric oncology, ACCELERATE is back with an exciting 2nd episode in the Webinar series “Everything you always wanted to know about Developing Drugs for Children with Cancer* (*But were afraid to ask)” on 29 June!

Aims: The webinar provided a comprehensive overview of drug development regulatory science for the community of paediatric oncology in both EU and USA, covering the topic of orphan drug regulations.

Slides of the Webinar:



Introduction 0:00
A clinical case: do you remember Nefario Pharmaceuticals? 01:05
Rare diseases 04:53
Orphan Drug Regulations 11:26
Role of patients, parents and advocates 16:50
Orphan drug desginations and progress in orphan drug medicines 18:35
What are the remaining issues? 20:56
EU Orphan medicines regulation and childhood cancer 24:38
Oncology orphan drugs summary 26:47
Were orphan drugs a success? 29:06
European Commission 2020 evaluation report on pediatric and orphan medicine 24:38
Back to the clinical case 31:00
Q&A 32:04


About ACCELERATE’s Educational Webinar Series

Paediatric oncology drug development is a highly complex and ever evolving field, particularly regarding its regulatory framework. ACCELERATE’s Webinar Series will make it more understandable for all people involved in paediatric oncology

WHAT? Educational Webinars run by multi-stakeholder experts will explain complex topics in interactive, 1-hour sessions

WHEN? Throughout 2021

WHERE? Online

WHY? To foster and disseminate expertise in the paediatric oncology community by using ACCELERATE’s prominent position as an international, multi-stakeholder platform. These sessions will be of interests to researchers, students, fellows, pharma representatives, patient advocates and regulators

For more information contact: contact@accelerate-platform.org