Work Programme

Each year, the Annual Conference agrees on the platform Work Plan implemented by the working groups.  Working Groups are systematically composed of members from the 4 stakeholder groups.. Representatives from other stakeholders can be invited to join on an ad hoc basis.

Title Leaders Start End
Terminated Working groups
Working Group 1 New strategies for improved development of oncology drugs for children and adolescent Andy Pearson and Gilles Vassal 2012 2015
Working Group 2 New incentives for specific paediatric drug development and drug repositioning Pam Kearns and Patricia Blanc 2012 2015
Working Group 3 Implementation of long-term follow up measures of children and adolescents receiving new anticancer drugs Danielle Horton and Raphaël Rousseau 2012 2015
Ongoing working groups
Working Group 4 Setting Up New Business Models and Ways to Invest in Paediatric Oncology Research and Drug Development Delphine Heenen and Sam Blackman 2016 ongoing
Working Group 5 Fostering Age Inclusive Research (FAIR trials) Nathalie Gaspar and Chris Copland 2015 ongoing
In preparation
Working Group 6 Fit for Filing Pamela Kearns and Elly Barry 2019 in preparation
Working group 7

Long Term Follow Up (LTFU)

Mark Kieran and Danielle Horton-Taylor 2019 in preparation

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