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ACCELERATE was jointly created in 2015 by The European Society for Paediatric Oncology (SIOP Europe), ITCC (Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer in Europe) and CDDF within the ENCCA project (European Network for Cancer research in Children and Adolescents) – a  network of excellence funded through the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under the project ENCCA, grant agreement no HEALTH-F2-2011-261474.

In March 2018, the term of the Memorandum of Understanding which described how SIOPE and CDDF collaborated in running the ACCELERATE Platform was completed. Both societies recognised the success of the Paediatric Oncology Platform Initiative and decided to discontinue their collaboration through mutual agreement.

From March 2018, the activities of the ACCELERATE Platform are supported by SIOPE and ITCC.

In addition, ACCELERATE made a strategic decision to strengthen international cooperation in order to improve global development of new paediatric oncology drugs and to become an organisation spanning Europe, North America, and beyond. Consequently, a new international Steering Committee has been appointed and new Terms of Reference have been established.


ITCC, European Consortium for Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer


ITCC, the Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer academic Consortium was created in 2003. It is a non-profit organisation under the French Law. ITCC comprises 56 European Paediatric Oncology Investigating sites with expertise in conducting early phase trials in children and adolescents and 24 European laboratories focusing their research on paediatric malignancies. The aim of this organisation is to develop novel therapies for the treatment of paediatric and adolescent cancers in cooperation with regulatory bodies, pharmaceutical enterprises, parents and patients.

In January 2011 ITCC was established as a European Category 1 Network for Paediatric Research at the European Medicines Agency (EnprEMA). Its structure comprises several Committees which are responsible for a particular issue in the development of novel therapeutic strategies in paediatric oncology.

More information: www.itcc-consortium.org

SIOPE, the European Society for Paediatric Oncology

The European Society for Paediatric Oncology (SIOP Europe) is the only pan-European organisation representing all professionals working in the field of childhood cancers in close cooperation with parents, patients and survivors.  With more than 1,850 members across 35 European countries, SIOP Europe is leading the way to ensure the best possible care and outcomes for all children and young people with cancer across Europe.

The SIOPE Strategic Plan – endorsed by all partners in the field – aims to a future where no child dies of cancer and survivors live to the fullest.  As a ‘European Childhood Cancer Plan’, it is based on 7 key objectives and will inspire all future initiatives in this field.

More information: www.siope.eu

ENCCA, European Network for Cancer research in Children and Adolescents

ENCCA high definition

ENCCA – the European Network for Cancer Research in Children and Adolescents was a 5 years’ project (2011-2015) funded via the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme ufor research, technological development and demonstration, under the Health topic “Structuring clinical research in paediatric and adolescent oncology in Europe”, grant agreement no HEALTH-F2-2011-261474. The mission of ENCCA is to efficiently structure and enhance collaboration within the field of paediatric oncology research in Europe. Among its important deliverables, ENCCA ensured the integration of a large number of European investigator-driven research networks to accelerate drug development and quality of care and cure for children and adolescents with cancer via the creation of the ‘SIOPE Clinical Research Council for Paediatric Oncology’ (SIOPE CRC).

More information: www.siope.eu/encca


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