FAIR for AYA Stamp

Fostering Age Inclusive Research (FAIR) Trials for Adolescents & Young Adults






The FAIR Trials initiative aims to accelerate innovation in drug development for young people with cancer, through the removal of arbitrary age limits in clinical trials. To facilitate this, ACCELERATE is offering a ‘Stamp’ for trials which actively avoid unnecessary barriers based on the age of participants. Applications are invited from sponsors of multinational trials compatible with our six proposals – specifically, adult early phase trials offering adolescent accrual or paediatric trials with accrual for young adults.


The FAIR for AYA Stamp can be used for publicity purposes and can feature on trial protocols, clinical trial applications or other associated documents, as well as  academic publications. Trials which have received the Stamp will appear on the ACCELERATE website and may be used in other ACCELERATE media as exemplars for the research community.


The scheme does not provide an overall scientific review of the trial. It only evaluates the study design elements that relate to age inclusivity. It refers specifically to a particular trial, not the organisations or individuals involved or any other activities in which they are engaged.


Applicants should complete the application form (click on ‘Open the Form’ below). Please send all trial documents necessary to substantiate study design elements that facilitate the inclusion of young people with cancer. Examples include:

  • Final study protocol & appendices (including assent forms)
  • EudraCT posting (with link provided)
  • gov posting (with link provided)
  • Electronic Case Report Form

These supporting documents should be sent to:

ITCC Project Manager

The reviewers will aim to give a reply within 6 weeks of the submission of an application.


For more information, please contact contact@accelerate-platform.org
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