Working Groups are composed of representatives of the 4 stakeholders (parent’s organisations, academia, pharmaceutical companies and regulatory bodies) and any other stakeholder on an ad hoc basis.  The ACCELERATE platform explores the current situation, identifies bottlenecks and hurdles and makes proposals to improve the development of anticancer drugs in the paediatric and adolescents population.

The work performed and the results achieved by the ACCELERATE platform working groups are published in peer reviewed journals (see Publications & Reference Documents).

Paediatric Strategy Forums are multiskaholder meetings to discuss the strategy of new drug development in a given paediatric malignancy or the development of a class of compounds with regards to their MoA.  These are scientific meetings aimed at facilitating prioritisation in order to better meet the needs of patients and to increase feasibility of paediatric developments.

The ACCELERATE Annual Conference is a forum for discussion, sharing, networking and facilitating the buy-in by all stakeholders.  It is the occasion when progress is monitored, proposals are implemented and new areas of improvement are identified.


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